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3 strategies to MAXIMIZE Mining TITANX

TitanX is a complex, game theory packed system that has been making waves. Founded by @inkayknows - Jake Sharpe, he aimed to take all of the best pieces of many protocols and combine them to make the ultimate product, built on Ethereum. Simply put, you use your ETH to Mine TitanX, which can then be staked to earn ETH yield in regular intervals, which have so far been very lucrative even 31 days in to the protocol.

If you are reading this, I hope you have slightly more than a basic understanding of what TitanX is from watching my Youtube Channel where you can get all caught up, if not. I highly recommend spending some time learning about this system before trying to mess around with these strategies. I'll be making a full breakdown of the entire protocol very soon.

In terms of an overview of strategies, there are 3 main ones I want to give you to ponder. they range from a more conservative standpoint all the way to higher risk with the reward match the level of risk involved relatively. Please consider these as merely ideas that you need to mess around with to find out what strategies you actually want to use for yourself:

1) Max mining

If you want to just get the most TItanX for the least amount of money and time spent on the protocol, this is the way to do it. The downside now, is that there are so many max length miners that are coming out now next august and beyond that the price could be in any direction up or down. There's likely going to be a handful of trillion coming out, which likely will impact the price greatly. Still the best bang for your buck and your time.

Simply use your ETH for this strategy to mine the max number of days.

2) Laddering

This strategy works by creating groups of miners that come out at different intervals. For example, 40, 80, 120, 160 and so on. You can start this from any point or have any number of intervals or any distance between them. It may be highly beneficial to orchestrate them in the way I have laid out in some form, like every 50 days, 60 days etc., this allows you to kind of compound your miners by selling the titanX on the market for ETH and re-starting your miners with the higher amount of ETH gained from the profits of your Miner.

It is very similar to a Hex staking ladder, except that we are able to compound if we organize the miners with evenly spaced intervals between them. Organizing them can look like the following:

30 days, 60, 90, 120, 150, etc.


40 days, 80, 120, 160, 200, etc

and so on.

There will be a point that 30 day miners are no longer profitable, though I am not sure when that will be for sure. The difficulty measures in this system change the minimum Miner length in amplified by the price chart. So its best to watch the ROI projected and mine accordingly.

3) Compounding

is the act of selling the titanX from a miner when it is at a profit for ETH and restarting the mining process with more ETH than you began with. This can be done conservatively or aggressively to achieve various speeds of building ROI. Because TitanX has a difficulty aspect to mining, the minimum mining day at current prices will always get slightly longer when trying to compound at the most profitable and riskiest threshold of the system.

The fastest way to compound possible is to go to the titanX app, find the number of days of a miner that is projected to get 100% ROI, and this is the highest risk- highest reward play as doubling your money every 14 days(and climbing) is far more lucrative than a max miner. The problem comes with the price, as the price needs to be at or above the price it is currently at in order to maintain the 100% profitability and the compounding to a maximum. If the price falls under the threshold, you will not be up enough for the compounding to have its maximum effect and if the price goes low enough, you could actually be at a loss. So, instead of playing at the edge of the possible ROI-Loss spectrum, we can back off the days a bit and do 20-25 day miners or even longer depending on your risk tolerance to go for between 200-300% ROI over that time frame(slower ROI slightly but less risk).

You are effectively playing a traders game the shorter the miner you create. Understand this and heed this as a warning of how easily short term miners can go against you when playing the minimum time frame game.

Again, once these miners are done you sell the TitanX for ETH and start more miners. When selecting the next time frame, you can either keep it static or you can shrink the number of days IF the price is high enough where it is highly likely for TitanX to be at those prices. Compounding can be creative and adaptive, in fact it should be. It also should take into account the coming launch of HYPER



Hyper is unreleased, however based off of my stream with the founder as well as other content I have watched him speak on, this is what I have as the information we are working with.

Hyper is going to be an arbitrage opportunity where you will likely be able to double your money quite quickly, initially, which is intended to help burn a ton of TItanX. In order to take advantage of the arbitrage, you must burn your TitanX in liquid or staked form, then pay .2 ETH, then wait 8 days for your hyper to unlock from a required stake. The likelihood of a ton of TITANX being burnt for this is high as well as the price being quite high for TitanX; this opens the door for making the decision to either compound IF you can double your money through compounding in shorter than 8 days, or participate in Burning TitanX for Hyper if it is more profitable. you do have to account for the .2 ETH in the total cost vs ROI when burning for Hyper.

Hyper is likely to come out some time after January, with the whitepaper likely out January or earlier. There is no certainty at this point as to what Hyper is and when it will come out other than what the founder hsa given us in streams so far.


When playing with the Titan System, You want to make sure you know your stuff and that you know why you are making the decisions you are making. There are many ways to play the game well, and many ways to play it wrong. I recommend modelling out this system and trying to learn how the system works in order to make the best decisions with excel or google spreadsheets. If that isn't something you want to spend the time building, but still want to maximize the use case of the system, I would highly recommend booking a coaching call so I can bring you up to speed as quickly as possible and utilize all of the models I have already built to maximize ROI. There are never any guarantees, but I would love to show you the best info and data I have tailored to your needs. If that sounds like something for you, click the button below. Thanks for Reading,


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