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Could Hedron & Icosa 10,000x your bag? | 3 ways it could happen

Instead of a more technical blog, I thought we’d change things up a bit and have a little fun. Today, we will be looking at how Hedron and Icosa could theoretically 10,000x your money. This is just for fun and is only supposed to provide a bit of entertainment during the bear market. Let’s get it!

Icosa & Hedron are two tokens built on top of Hex that have been gaining wider publicity within the Hex community and have spurred many debates over their long-term value in both real world dollars and to the Hex system itself. While there are many ways in which the success of these additional smart contracts can ultimately land you a nice hefty return on investment, the first big question about both Hedron and Icosa is this: how many X’s in price can these tokens do?

1) Price Potential


At first glance you might think that Hedron and Icosa are built on top of a token that has already done a 10,000x, HEX. This should make it a winning ticket, shouldn’t it? It’s not quite that simple unfortunately.

Hedron, is a token that you can mint for every day you are staked, with longer stakes allowing for more Hedron to be minted per Hex staked. Instead of waiting to the very end t