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Yearly PASSIVE income?? Maximus DAO | Part 1

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

Welcome to the brand-new series where we will be diving deep into the MAXIMUS DAO ecosystem and all its latest additions. In this video we will be summarizing everything that the MAXIMUS team has released to date as well as what is coming for the protocol. In future videos we will be diving into the technical details as well as game theory as this series goes on. Now, let’s dive right in.

On April 16th of 2022, Hex holders had a 14-day window to participate in a 15-year stake where users pool their Hex to make one giant stake and max out the staking bonuses, something previously available to only a select few Hex holders. If users decided to commit their HEX to the MAXIMUS DAO, they received one MAXI token for every HEX token they sent to the contract during this mint phase. These tokens would be redeemable for Hex at the end of the stake.

Both Founders are fully transparent about their identities and are very public. They livestream, hold twitter spaces, and are constantly engaging with the public. This makes me very confident in the legitimacy of their work moving forward. Back to MAXI though.

MAXI allowed stakers to save on gas fees for starting a stake and ultimately save them money on the end stake as well, as anyone can pay the fee to end the stake if someone is feeling generous. Once the Gas fee is paid, Users can redeem their MAXI for their share of the Hex in the pool and receive their share of the HDRN tokens from the stake.