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Hedron the Sleeping GIANT | Part 1 - Overview

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

In February of 2022, the first token and smart contract to be built on HEX was born: Hedron.

Hedron Allows Hex Stakers to mint Hedron based on how many B-shares they have within a given stake – B-Shares are 1/1000th of a T-share, ie Billion shares to Trillion shares – and allow users to Tokenize their stakes by staking through the Hedron protocol.

Stakers can mint Hedron every day based on how many B-Shares are in their stake or let the HDRN accumulate and only pay gas one time when the stake has been fully served before ending the HEX Stake.

Creating an HSI stake allows users to do a few extra actions beyond what a normal stake can do. Once an HSI is tokenized, it can be sent from wallet to wallet or sold on an NFT marketplace. Secondarily, HSI’s give users the ability to borrow Hedron against a stake immediately. There Is a catch of course, installments have to be repaid every 30 days and risk going into the liquidation auctions after 90 days of non-repayment.