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Hedron the Sleeping Giant | Part 2 - ICOSA & Hedron Staking

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

In Part 1 of this Series, we discussed what Hedron is, how it functions, as well as how it could help and be helped by Hex over time. If you have not watched that video, go to the link somewhere on this screen and watch it before watching this video. You will need the information there to grasp the content in this video.

Another element that I failed to include in the previous video, is that Hedron has no admin keys and has locked and immutable code. No one can ever change the code, exactly like HEX.

Today, I will introduce to you: Icosa. Icosa is the staking platform form the Hedron protocol that allows Hedron holders to stake their Hedron to earn ICSA – the new token Icosa in the system – obtain ICSA by selling HSI’s to the smart contract, staking ICSA to earn both ICSA and HDRN Tokens, and obtain an NFT that is worth a percentage of a We Are All the Source Address Pool where users can earn ICSA as well. This pool is like a giant game of chicken, where users can only obtain their ICSA from the pool by burning their NFT and removing themselves from the pool, consequently increasing everyone’s percentage of the payout they receive.

Sounds simple, right? HAH!