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Hedron the Sleeping Giant | Part 3 – ICOSA Staking and WAATSA Pool

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

So far in this series, we have covered Hedron’s basic mechanics, how the Hedron staking pool works, How HSI’s create ICSA and how the ICSA supply both inflates and functions over time. If you have not Read the previous Blogs, go to there first so you fully understand how this all ties together. There are two remaining features we have not yet talked about, however.

As a brief overview, we will cover the ICSA staking pool which pays yield in the form of both ICSA and HDRN tokens, how the payouts work, as well as the minimum timeframes involved for staking and penalties for ending a stake early.

Secondarily, we will cover a brand-new concept: A We Are All the Source Address staking pool. This is a one-time access pool where users purchase an NFT as a representation of their stake in the pool. To see their reward, users must burn their NFT to obtain their portion of the yield ICSA to date. This means once they cash out, they are out forever. Kind of like a last man standing pool, but let’s continue this discussion later. Time to talk ICSA staking.