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Hedron the Sleeping Giant | Part 4 – Summary and My Thoughts

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

Welcome back to part 4 of this series where we have been breaking down the upcoming Hedron staking platform called Icosa. In this blog we will be summing up everything we have covered in a very technical matter, into an easy to grasp overview of the new platform. To make the most of the platform when it releases, I recommend you read this blog and understand it as well as you can. Once you are confident in your understanding here, read parts 1-3 over again to really grasp the full game theory possibilities of the system.

I will do my best to consolidate all the info we previously covered, however the system is very complex, so there may still be some slightly technical explanations. Let’s get started.

So, it all starts with Hedron. Hedron is built on top of Hex and is available to be minted by hex stakers for “Free” minus gas fees. For every T-share you have staked, you will get 1000 Hedron for every day of the stake’s life. Hedron is actual paid based off B-shares, and mints one Hedron per every B share, however if this is not quite clicking, just remember one T share gets you 1000 Hedron. To be completely clear here, a 1.5 T-share stake gets you 1500 Hedron per day and a 2 T-share stake gets you 2000 Hedron per day, and so on. Hopefully that is clear as mud now.

Hedron will al