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Pulsechain launch Imminent: Which token(s) should you hold?

Updated: May 5, 2022

The Free Copy

As most of you may know by now, when Pulsechain Mainnet goes live, anyone holding any token on the Ethereum network will get a duplicate on Pulsechain in their wallet the moment it is live. Unfortunately, not all communities are completely on board the Pulsechain movement, or certain tokens like Stable Coins may be unable to hold their value relative to their Ethereum counterpart.

Major tokens

Holders of 1000’s of ERC 20 tokens including Wrapped Bitcoin, Chainlink, FTX, Uniswap, Cronos, Decentraland, Shiba Inu, and The Sandbox just to name a few, will all get their tokens copied.

Holders of NFT’s like the Bored Ape Yacht Club for example will also get a copy of that NFT on the Pulsechain, which I will only touch on slightly, later in the blog.

Why should i hold something specific?

When it comes to the launch of Pulsechain, there are many variables and moving parts that could make the prices of assets on Pulsechain be higher or lower than its Ethereum Counterpart.

In order for these new Pulsechain tokens to have any real world value, tokens from Ethereum must be bridged over and paired with a Pulsechain token in a liquidity pool in order for there to be a dollar value associated with it and consequently other tokens also on the network.

One thing that is impossible to say for sure, is the exact value of the tokens once $ value has been bridged over. There are many theories as to what will happen to the prices of tokens on Pulsechain, but nobody knows for sure. One factor that I believe is most relevant, is the size of the community and its engagement with Pulsechain so far.

Main Factor

Having a large token community that is both knowledgeable of Pulsechain and actively awaiting its launch is a major indicator of how that Token may perform on the Pulsechain side after launch.

Pulsechain engagement

What we clearly see is that there are few communities outside one particular community that is poised and ready to utilize Pulsechain. After going onto Twitter and Reddit, the main platforms people utilize to talk about Pulsechain, it is very clear that there is one main community that is actively speaking about Pulsechain and very little engagement from any other Token community.

SHIB seems to be in the know of Pulsechain but not actively promoting.

Many others are seemingly ignoring it.

Though stable coins do not have a community per se, please go watch my video on Stable Coins in regards to the Pulsechain Fork; I do not believe that holding Stable Coins for the Airdrop is a safe bet.

So what seems like the best bet then for the Pulsechain copy?

The Case for HEX

The founder of Pulsechain, Richard Heart, is also the founder of HEX and PulseX.

He created the Pulsechain specifically for the HEX community, which is why the main community that will be poised and ready for Pulsechain will be the HEX community. You do not have to believe in HEX long term to understand the short term ramifications of HEX on Pulsechain.

Another point to note, is that HEX is on 102,263 peoples watchlist on CMC.

What this points to POTENTIALLY, is people waiting for an opportune time to get in; This “opportune time” could be in relation to how much it costs in ETH gas fees, meaning people are priced out on Ethereum and waiting for cheaper fees on Pulsechain.

This is speculation, however many of the major complaints I have repeatedly seen on twitter that prevents people from buying HEX are the gas fees on ETH.

SO, if gas fees are no longer an issue on Pulsechain, it is also possible that those investors who are not willing to spend the money on Ethereum will finally invest on the Pulsechain side.

Again this is speculation but is based on real world evidence.

If we look historically, at times when there has been a big event thought to be approaching or approaching a sacrifice, the price has gone up. This does not mean it will stay up permanently, but what it does mean is that if price goes up in HEX due to the hype around Pulsechain launch and the free copies, then not only will your original investment be worth more than you put in, but the copy is likely to be around or higher than its price on Ethereum.

If the price of Hex goes up because of the Launch of Pulsechain, and your copy of Hex is around or above parity, you will have a very large amount of free funds to use to swap for other tokens if you so chose.

So based on all the indicators, HEX objectively seems to be the #1 choice to hold even temporarily going into Pulsechain.

All in all for tokens

This is not financial advice, nor is it the be all end all in regards to what token to hold. There are many surprises that we may have in store in regards to adoption, so please DYOR.

Even if you do decide to place your money in HEX or any other token specifically for the Airdrop, you can always move that back to your orignal investment afterwards on either chains or both.

To Be Clear

I am not saying for a moment that another Token aside from HEX is not “safe”, but what I am saying is that HEX seems like the best bet to maximize the use of the Pulsechain Airdrop.

Do your own research please.

A Quick Note on NFT’s

Something to be aware of, is that if you have an NFT on OpenSea at the time of the fork which is for sale for 1 ETH (For example), It will only cost 1 PLS token valued around the $0.001~ to purchase that copy on the Pulsechain side. It may be wise to remove your NFT’s from OpenSea before the fork, as people can take advantage of this opportunity.

NFT’s in your wallet will simply be copied over, without any risk.

Thanks so much for reading this blog and be sure to subscribe to the CRYPTOGRFX Youtube page below!


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Nassim Belmadi
Nassim Belmadi
Sep 11, 2022

I appreciate your work you are a good person thank


Nassim Belmadi
Nassim Belmadi
Sep 11, 2022

Great article i


Nassim Belmadi
Nassim Belmadi
Aug 30, 2022

Bro, do you thing holding Hedron to get a copy on pulsechain is a best


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