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The #1 way to make the most of PULSECHAIN at launch | Token Swaps


For this Blog we will focus primarily on PLS and PLSX under the presumption that you missed both sacrifices. There are risks and rewards to any strategy, and all will have variables that cannot be accounted for or properly predicted.

This is not Financial advice.

The Picture

Pre bridge swaps may be an opportunity to get a token like PLS or PLSX at prices we may never see again. It seems the only point that may have some predictability with the price we are swapping tokens at will be the moment Mainnet goes live, due to the fact that there will be no $ attached to the ratios, which is our point of relativity.

After every minute and hour upon launch, the token ratios in pools will potentially move further away from what they started at.

This means it will be very hard to tell if you are getting a great deal or a bad deal on a swap. So all in all, Pre bridge seems as though it may be rewarding to get in early but carries increasing risk and uncertainty as time goes on.

It is impossible to say whether Prices will be above, below or the same as its initial starting point after the bridge opens.

Once the bridge opens, we will finally see what the prices are sitting at.

Once the bridge opens, there are many scenarios that could play out.

It seems unlikely that the price of either PLS or PLSX would be very close to the initial sacrifice rates of $1=10,000 tokens; or $0.0001 per token.

To the degree that either token launches above the lower sacrifice rates, I believe will have a direct correlation to the degree that people either take profits or use those tokens to get into another; ie Swapping PLSX for PLS.

If you’ve seen the PLS price video I did recently, you’ll know that if PLS launches anywhere around that price, we’ll see around a 16x at launch Pre-Bridge. So then the question becomes: When exactly will the first dip occur for either PLS or PLSX and will it be a better opportunity than pre bridge?

The Dip

With the amount of wallets that sacrificed for PLSX over PLS(140k vs 40k), it is likely that PLSX dips first, as many people sacrificed as a way to have tokens to swap for PLS immediately at launch. So if this scenario plays out a PLS dip will likely occur after, but it is completely unpredictable as to when exactly it will occur and to what degree. Like I previously stated, the likelihood that these scenarios play out exactly in this way is low, as there are variables that cannot be accounted for theoretically.

So now that we have painted this incredibly blurry picture, what is the best ways to handle the launch?

#1: Divide and conquer

If you are looking to make the most of the launch AND you are going to be trading pre bridge no matter what, it may be wise to divide your allocated tokens or funds into 50/50, 60/40, 70/30, 80/20, or 90/10 to then be used for both pre bridge and post bridge swapping.

Splitting funds will allow you to offset your risk within the pre bridge trading in the case where you do get burnt a little.

If you are very confident in your ability to gauge a trade pre bridge, you might want to use closer to a 50/50 ratio, but this is still more of an extreme ratio IMO.

If you are more novice or conservative, using a smaller percentage for pre bridge trading is more than likely your best bet to lessen the impact of a bad trade if it were to happen.


There is no “right” way to play the launch of Pulsechain.

The only thing we can do is lay out as many likely scenarios as we can, make a plan for the scenarios, and accept that what we get is what we get after executing.

You can always Dollar Cost Average in later if you did not get the amount of the Token you were hoping for.

Thank you so much for reading!

If you would like to donate, you can do so here:

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Nassim Belmadi
Nassim Belmadi
Oct 03, 2022

Good morning bro, can you please make an article about


Dina Tahar
Dina Tahar
Sep 18, 2022

Thank you


Dina Tahar
Dina Tahar
Sep 12, 2022



Will Carey
Will Carey
Aug 28, 2022

“picking up pennies in front of a steamroller.”

"… You better check yo' self before you wreck yo' self"

KISS (Keep it Simple, Stupid)

In other word, DON'T DO IT! Both Pulse and Pulse X will both be extremely valuable moving forward.


Nassim Belmadi
Nassim Belmadi
Jul 25, 2022

Thank you very

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