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The First of its kind for Hex Staking: Hedron

Normally, when staking the cryptocurrency Hex, you have two choices: Wait until your stake has matured to end it, or end it early and pay a penalty(which ranges from complete loss of funds, to losing some of your principle, to losing some of your interest depending on how far into your Stake you are). Either way, you either lose access to your capital or lose some of your capital; until now.

What if you could stake within Hex, but create an NFT that holds the Hex stake? And not only that, but what if during that stake you could Mint a token or borrow a token for free(plus gas fees) in order to give you access to funds while your stake is locked? And then, What if you could then sell that NFT on the marketplace if you wanted to get out of your Hex Stake without hurting the value of the stake, or the price?

"Ok hold up, there's no way that could work right?" Wrong.

I would like to introduce you to Hedron, the first Hex Layer 2 solution:

According to :

"What is Hedron?