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The First of its kind for Hex Staking: Hedron

Normally, when staking the cryptocurrency Hex, you have two choices: Wait until your stake has matured to end it, or end it early and pay a penalty(which ranges from complete loss of funds, to losing some of your principle, to losing some of your interest depending on how far into your Stake you are). Either way, you either lose access to your capital or lose some of your capital; until now.

What if you could stake within Hex, but create an NFT that holds the Hex stake? And not only that, but what if during that stake you could Mint a token or borrow a token for free(plus gas fees) in order to give you access to funds while your stake is locked? And then, What if you could then sell that NFT on the marketplace if you wanted to get out of your Hex Stake without hurting the value of the stake, or the price?

"Ok hold up, there's no way that could work right?" Wrong.

I would like to introduce you to Hedron, the first Hex Layer 2 solution:

According to :

"What is Hedron?

Hedron (HDRN) is a collection of smart contracts that live on the Ethereum and PulseChain blockchain(s). Hedron builds on top of HEX to allow stakers to mint and borrow HDRN tokens against their active HEX stakes. Hedron also allows stakers to trade their HEX stakes as NFT tokens on any compatible NFT marketplace. Hedron has no admin keys and no kill switches. Just like HEX, Hedron is completely decentralized with zero counterparty risk."

No admin keys, no killswitches and is completely decentralized... Yep, you read that right. Not only is Hex immutable, but so is the first layer 2 solution to the hex ecosystem. Bullish.

"How do i get HDRN?

Hedron analyzes a HEX stake and allows the staker to mint or borrow HDRN based on the amount of shares allocated to their stakes. If a staker emergency unstakes or otherwise ends their stake before minting their HDRN, they will no longer be able to mint HDRN against those stakes. Instanced (HSI) HEX stakes with active HDRN advances cannot End Stake until the advance is paid in full (Good Accounting can still be used).The maximum amount of mintable or borrowable days is equal to the full term of the stake."

This is actually very interesting, because it has the potential to protect someone who is reckless from dumping the price of Hex if they create an HSI.

"How does HDRN supply relate to the HEX share price?

HDRN is an inflationary token. Because the HEX share price only increases over time, HEX stakes will continually have less shares allocated to them. The net effect of this is that as the HEX share price increases, the amount of mintable HDRN will decrease. This is a similar in effect to how "minable" cryptocurrencies increase difficulty over time."

You can think of this as similar to how Bitcoin's supply works, but instead of having a cap at 21.5 Million, there is no cap. Instead the amount of Hedron that can be minted is always decreasing over time.

Below is an diagram of the possible options and routing using Hedron.

"Hedron benefits the HEX ecosystem by further incentivizing staking.

To mint the largest and most consistent amounts of HDRN, stakers will have to stake larger quantities of HEX for longer periods of time."

This is huge, as it further incentivizes the mechanics and value proposition of Hex itself. Now people who stake the longest get paid out the most possible Hex for there stake as well as Hedron on top of it.

"The Hedron Minting Factor

HDRN is minted 1:1 in relation to a particular HEX stake's allocated amount of B-Shares (one billion shares). Stakers can mint this amount once per day served within a stake. This can be done once per Hedron day, at the end of a stake, or at any arbitrary point(s) in between. Various bonuses are available which only apply to minting, such as the Launch Phase and AMR bonuses. There are no obligations for minting, if you have a HEX stake you can mint HDRN with no risk to your stake."

Basically, 1 T-share is = to 1000 B-shares, which is the number used for your 1:1 Hedron per day you get on a daily basis. Currently we are within the first 10 days of the 100 day launch phase bonus, which means currently there is a 10x bonus(every 10 days it decrease by 1x, so on day 11 it will go to a 9x bonus) on all minted Hedron during this time. However, during any of the bonus phases, there is an option to claim instead of mint. What this does is lock in any bonuses for the entire life of the stake. The ENTIRE life of the stake. By claiming, you are not minting the Hedron just yet, you are just claiming the bonus and waiting to mint until a later date.

"The Tradable Stake Factor

With Hedron, new HEX stakes can be created and wrapped inside a single use smart contract. This is something we call a HEX stake instance (HSI). These contracts can be "tokenized" which mints the user an HSI NFT token that can be traded on any compatible NFT marketplace and later "detokenized" to give the new owner control of the HEX stake. Instead of stakers Emergency End Staking their stakes and dumping the HEX price, they can trade those stakes to other users who wish to hold them."

Currently on, there are already 154 HSI stakes. What is very unique about these NFT's, is the ability to receive USDC instead of ETH.

These HSI stakes really have the power to prevent dumping of the price by providing 3 other opportunities to source capital if needed before ever Emergency End Staking: Minting Hedron, then borrowing, and finally selling the HSI as an NFT.

Amazing stuff.

"The Hedron Borrowing Factor

Users with HEX stake instances (HSI) which are not tokenized are able to borrow HDRN tokens which may be highly tax advantageous to the staker. While minting requires the staker to have served days within the stake in order to mint, borrowing will mint all available HDRN regardless of served days in one lump sum. HDRN advances are between the staker and contract directly, no third parties. All payments, including premiums, are burnt by the contract. No party directly benefits from a HDRN advance aside from the staker. Bonuses do not apply to HDRN advances."

Always consider the risks when borrowing. This should only be used in a last resort or if you have the ability to pay back the Hedron, but nonetheless is a new dynamic to the Hex ecosystem that could help many in the long run.

"The Liquidation Factor

Hedron advances which go into default (90 or more days without repayment) can be sent to auction by any other user of the Hedron protocol. When another user wins the auction by being the highest bidder, they will be able to claim the HEX stake used as collateral for themselves. The original borrower can bring themselves current with their payments at any point before their advance is brought to auction to prevent this. Hedron is designed to prevent liquidations by allowing users to pay in advance, or by allowing full payoff of the advance."

So even if you borrow Hedron and then get liquidated, there would still be a chance to purchase that same stake. Who knows, maybe you could get it cheaper than you bought it for? Regardless, for those who would be on the potential buying end of the liquidation, this could be a huge opportunity to get more T-Shares for below market price. Could, be. We will have to see how it plays out!

"The Staker First Factor

The only way to obtain HDRN directly through the contract is to mint or borrow it against a HEX stake. There is no way to directly "buy" or exchange any other currency for HDRN. That being said, third party tools like Uniswap or PulseX could be used to obtain HDRN without staking."

"The Hedron Bonus Factor

For the first 100 days of Hedron's launch there will be a launch phase bonus. This bonus starts as a 10x multiplier, decreasing by 1x per 10 days of the phase. There is also an advance to mint ratio (AMR) bonus to help ensure at least 50% of the HDRN supply is freely minted rather than borrowed. These bonuses apply only to minting."

All in all, we think this is an incredibly massive innovation for the Hex ecosystem. And to add a cherry on top, whatever Hedron you mint, claim, already own, as well as any stakes that have a bonus multiplier attached to it will get a copy on the Pulsechain. This is a massive opportunity.

While it only makes sense that Hedron will take some time to grow, if you believe in the value that Hedron brings to the table, we think it is definitely worth considering at least having one stake going in the early stages in order to claim a multiplier for the life of the stake on your mintable Hedron.

For all the info and diagrams in this post and much more, go to .

Thanks so much for reading this post. We would love to know your thoughts on Hedron and if you agree with us or not in the comments. Stayed tuned for more blog posts and updates on developments in the space.

- Cryptogrfx

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Appreciate all the hard work you put into all this. Thank you!


Sep 03, 2022

Help me understand how I can send a HEX stake that matures while it's in an HSI? So if I buy an HSI, how do I end stake the HEX? The HEX is sitting in the HSI and when the stake was created, it was done so under the HSI address so it's not clear to me how you end stake it. I never here anyone talk about this.


Will Carey
Will Carey
Aug 25, 2022

Looking back on this diagram now it only makes sense that ICOSA was born. As we are very close to the launch of the PulseChain Ecosystem imagine all of the financial protocols that will be conceived from it! I know that you are as excited as I am to be part of this new community!


Wioletta J
Wioletta J
Jul 19, 2022

Wow! Awesome content. Much appreciated.


Jul 18, 2022


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