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The ULTIMATE Hex Staking Guide

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

The Ultimate Hex Staking Guide

When it comes to staking Hex, there are so many possibilities for how to stake your Hex. There are staking ladders, snowball ladders, max length stakes, staking your Hex for one set period and everything and anything in between.

To make matters more complicated, we have Pulsechain launching soon which will duplicate our Hex whether it is staked or un-staked. Now, many questions I have received around staking sound like this: Should I stake my Hex now or after the fork? Should I stake on both Ethereum and Pulsechain or just one chain?

The problem with these questions is that I cannot answer them for you. What I can do is lay out as many arguments as possible for the different scenarios. Let’s start with the easy questions and move forward from there.

What is a staking ladder? A staking ladder is a series of stakes that end year after year and require you to divide up your total hex by the number of stakes you wish to have in your ladder. You can stake evenly across the years you are staked for, or you can divide your hex up however you wish. The point of this Ladder is to provide a potentially increasing amount of income year after year for a given number of years. For example: