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You need to understand THIS about the T-Share in Hex.

Hex, has been called the only true cryptocurrency by some. It has also been so misunderstood that it has been dubbed a scam by those unwilling to dive into it's mechanics. One of the elements of Hex that leads to much of this understanding is, the T-Share. Before we dive in to the T-Share however, lets clear up how Hex functions as a whole.

Once you have purchased Hex, you have two options: Stake, or hold it in your wallet. Staking is essentially making a promise to the Hex Smart Contract that you will not sell your Hex for "x" number of days; between 1 and 5555 days(15.2 years). When you stake your Hex, you are awarded a bonus for staking longer or with a larger amount of Hex(100,000+) that only goes toward what the smart contract adds to to your total T-Share amount at the time of staking.