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You need to understand THIS about the T-Share in Hex.

Hex, has been called the only true cryptocurrency by some. It has also been so misunderstood that it has been dubbed a scam by those unwilling to dive into it's mechanics. One of the elements of Hex that leads to much of this understanding is, the T-Share. Before we dive in to the T-Share however, lets clear up how Hex functions as a whole.

Once you have purchased Hex, you have two options: Stake, or hold it in your wallet. Staking is essentially making a promise to the Hex Smart Contract that you will not sell your Hex for "x" number of days; between 1 and 5555 days(15.2 years). When you stake your Hex, you are awarded a bonus for staking longer or with a larger amount of Hex(100,000+) that only goes toward what the smart contract adds to to your total T-Share amount at the time of staking.

As you can see on , by staking for 700 days with 50,000 Hex, the staking bonus gives you an additional 19,204 Hex. The key to view here is the word "Effective". Effective is used because when you stake your Hex, the number of T-Shares you had at the time is calculated. So by having a total of 69,204 total Hex including the bonus, you lock in 3.294 T-Shares for the entire duration of the stake no matter how high the T-Share rate climbs.

If you would like a layman's explanation of how a T-Share works, follow this link and download the PDF: .

At the beginning of Hex's life, the number of Hex to make a T-Share was 10,000. As users stakes ends, the T-Share rate(the number of hex required to make a T-Share) is pushed up. Currently, we are at 21,007 Hex required to create a T-Share. In 822 days the T-Share more than doubled, meaning the amount of T-Shares someone who is not currently staked, would have half of the T-Shares that they had in the beginning.

Here is why the power of the T-Share needs to thoroughly be understood to maximize Hex's Potential. If you had locked in a given amount of T-Shares for 1095 days(3 Years) when Hex first started, lets say 6 T-Shares at 10,000 Hex per/T-Share, you would still be getting paid out by the system for 6 T-shares even though that same number of effective Hex would get you less than 3 total T-Shares. Currently the daily payout per T-Share is just under 6 Hex per T-Share/Day.

Let that sink in for a second. Then, lets try and understand why staking for 15.2 years is one of the greatest potential investments you could ever make. By staking for 15.2 years today with 50,000 Hex, you would lock in 7 T-Shares. If we use the divide the 11,007 Hex(the difference between the starting rate and now of a T-Share), by the number of days Hex has been live, we get an average of 13.39 Hex per day increase in the Tshare price. Stay with me here.

At an increase of 13.39 Hex per day increase of the T-Share price, by the end of your 5555 stake, the T-Share rate would be 95,388 Hex. Thats 95,388 Hex Per T-Share. As the price per T-share has been getting more and more expensive, you have continuously been getting paid for 7 T-Shares even when the current T-Share rate would get you less than 2 after 5555 days. You locked in 7 T-shares that you will get paid for, every single day for the entirety of the stake.

After 15.2 years, if the price stayed exactly the same(which I believe there is zero percent chance of), you would have multiplied your money by 6.18x. No monthly contributions, just by simply waiting.

If we were to compare this to a traditional form of legacy finance like an Retirement Fund how would this compare? See for yourself:

I truly hope you are starting to see the magic of the Hex Staking system. It is one of a kind, and has the potential to make all traditional forms of saving obsolete. There has never been a product that has potentially given the financial power back to the people and removed power from the banks.

If you would like to know more about Hex, please visit and drop a comment below to let us know if this blew your mind as well.

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4 comentarios

this is something i can share with my onboards. very useful and easy to understand. thanks for your effort.

Me gusta

Will Carey
Will Carey
02 ago 2022

Staking will be one of my first priorities once PulseChain launches. Since I missed the sacrifice I want to get strong positions in PulseX and PulseChain with my dry powder THEN, go back in to HEX and start staking. What do you think?

Me gusta

Wioletta J
Wioletta J
22 jul 2022

Absolutely loved this blog. Thank you.

Me gusta

20 jul 2022

Love me some T-Shares!

Me gusta
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