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Why is Crypto SO IMPORTANT to learn NOW?

Why is Crypto SO IMPORTANT to learn? And additionally, why is NOW the most important time to learn it?

We live in a world which is in decline in numerous ways both externally and internally (peoples internal state is in decline as well as the external conditions we live in). Blockchain technology is already being prepared to be brought in and utilized as a next generation payment and monetary system. In fact, Some of the infrastructure is already built, awaiting final pieces and external conditions to be met to bring it all together. You cannot run away from crypto if you want to live within our society, even globally. It's coming.

Now, That absolutely should not sound scary, ominous, or like some conspiracy theory. Blockchain/Crypto is an incredible technology and allows for complete transparency to be had financially, extremely cheap fees for making transactions or sending money, and extremely fast transactions for both small or large transactions without ever having to contact a bank or wait for anyones approval. But why should you care?

On one hand this technology is coming, so being ahead of the curve can make your life easier when it does come to the masses.

So what do you need to learn to take advantage of the next 12 months?

1) The fundamentals Of Blockchain and Crypto

2) How to create a secure personal wallet

3) Security best practices

4) Utilizing Centralized & Decentralized exchanges

5) Practice, Practice, Practice

Thats literally it. Most people will not need to go off into the weeds of crypto (Though there is the most opportunity in the weeds) to change their lives with the right decisions. Beyond those 5 is another world that isn't for everyone and takes a ton of knowledge, precaution and mistakes to really understand how to operate in seamlessly.

The biggest mistake I see people making within the 5 steps is not taking their security serious enough AND not practicing enough. You don't have to learn the hard way like myself and many others have. I have free talks every single Thursday starting June 6th to help guide you for free, I have Youtube videos and I even have a free eBook on my website.

If that doesn't do the trick for you though, I'll have weekend crash courses upcoming (look for an event link on this page), as well as one on one coaching if you need it. Hell I may even start do in person Crypto Seminars soon on Vancouver Island if there is enough interest. The point here, is that I have EVERYTHING you could need to get the knowledge to participate in crypto, today.

One final tid-bit I'll give you is this: Whether you want to just buy something and hold it for an investment, live a life completely paid for by this new technology using passive income streams and capturing volatility, or just learn what the hell all of this crypto stuff is, I am your guy and crypto is for you.

- Steve

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