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Get to Know Us

Our Mission


CRYPTOGRFX Exists to… 


Empower, Educate and Elevate You to Financial Sovereignty through Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies. 


Through our customized blockchain education & market guidance, we make learning and investing in cryptocurrencies a breeze.

"Steve and the GRYPTOGRFX team have been instrumental in my development and learning in the CRYPTO space, in particular the Richard Heart Ecosystems. As a professional and business owner in a different domain, I am time poor and rely on the detailed understanding and up to date news that Steve offers in our one:one coaching services. I found this type of service to be highly effective to cut out the noise and address any questions both generic and specific in nature that relate directly to my portfolio. Steve is a trusted partner in my crypto journey and I intend on working closely with him and his team over the coming years in a collaborative way.

Thank you Steve, Regards John - From Oz"

John S


It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a seasoned investor, Crypto can be scary! 

We help you mitigate risks and avoid the many dangers that could cause financial loss – don’t let yourself become a victim of the market.


Our custom fit Blockchain Education gives you the confidence to navigate the world of crypto and steer clear of costly mistakes. 


Ensure you’re up to date on all things Crypto and stay safe from unwanted money mishaps.


Ready to take your Crypto portfolio to the next level? 


We curate a personalized strategy to meet your financial goals, quickly and efficiently. 

Data-driven investment strategies that maximize your ROI and make you a fearless Investor.

Meet Steve


If you’re thinking you’re safe from financial catastrophe in Crypto…we urge you to think again. 


Meet our founder Steve, he has literally spent enough money – and time – in the market to know what NOT to do. 


During his first year in dealing with Cryptocurrencies, Steve found himself face to face with the dark side of Crypto. 


“All it took was one click to empty my Ethereum account to financial smithereens. 

I learn quickly, so I thought I knew what was doing but I was DEAD WRONG. 


In a hurry and with too much confidence, I found myself with an empty Ethereum wallet. 

I thought I sent my HEX to a wallet I owned…but yeah it wasn’t my wallet!


It was terrible…I could see the money sitting there but I couldn’t access it. I knew in my bones that I’d never have it again.”


For this reason and many others, Steve founded CRYPTOGRFX and has been helping people navigate the market safely. 


He’s learned the hard way, so you don’t have to.

“I don’t need to know everything. I just need to know where to find it, when I need it.” – A. Einstein


Our ever-growing list of blockchain expertise…

Ready to get on the Crypto fast track? 


Or if you’ve got some questions about how we can help, contact our support team here.

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