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5 Reasons Pulsechain will outperform Ethereum's price performance at launch

Pulsechain, the highly anticipated fork of Ethereum, is soon to take the world by storm. With the "Worlds Largest Airdrop" looming and new's today in a live Twitter space from Richard Heart himself confirming that one of the largest Centralized Exchanges wants to list Pulsechain, there is electricity in the air among the community. The question is, what can we expect in regards to price performance compared to its predecessor: Ethereum.

Will Pulsechain outperform, underperform, or keep pace with Ethereum's first 365 days of price movement? Here 5 reasons why it seems highly likely that Pulsechain will outperform Ethereum in the first 365 days after launch.

1) Pulsechain has 7 years worth of infrastructure already in place at launch

When Ethereum first launched, nobody knew just how far the technology would develop or exactly how it would evolve. It was an attempt to create something new and luckily for us all it worked out quite well! Over the past 7 years, the largest ecosystem in crypto has developed, ranging from NFT's to meme coins and Decentralized exchanges, plus everything in between, Ethereum has become a giant(a gas giant but still a giant).

We need to remember that it took 7 years to have the ecosystem Ethereum currently has, with all of the infrastructure and value moving around the network. It did not start with that infrastructure; Pulsechain will.