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5 Reasons Pulsechain will outperform Ethereum's price performance at launch

Pulsechain, the highly anticipated fork of Ethereum, is soon to take the world by storm. With the "Worlds Largest Airdrop" looming and new's today in a live Twitter space from Richard Heart himself confirming that one of the largest Centralized Exchanges wants to list Pulsechain, there is electricity in the air among the community. The question is, what can we expect in regards to price performance compared to its predecessor: Ethereum.

Will Pulsechain outperform, underperform, or keep pace with Ethereum's first 365 days of price movement? Here 5 reasons why it seems highly likely that Pulsechain will outperform Ethereum in the first 365 days after launch.

1) Pulsechain has 7 years worth of infrastructure already in place at launch

When Ethereum first launched, nobody knew just how far the technology would develop or exactly how it would evolve. It was an attempt to create something new and luckily for us all it worked out quite well! Over the past 7 years, the largest ecosystem in crypto has developed, ranging from NFT's to meme coins and Decentralized exchanges, plus everything in between, Ethereum has become a giant(a gas giant but still a giant).

We need to remember that it took 7 years to have the ecosystem Ethereum currently has, with all of the infrastructure and value moving around the network. It did not start with that infrastructure; Pulsechain will.

Pulsechain will come on line with 7 years of infrastructure, plus new innovations in consensus protocol, greener energy consumption, extraordinary small gas fees, without having to build too much on the previous technology.

2) Not only is it launching will infrastructure, but there is a MASSIVE incentive to use the infrastructure: The World's Largest Airdrop.

While its amazing that Pulsechain will have everything Ethereum has ever built from the moment the developers give the green light, but all users who own any token of any style on Ethereum will get a duplicate copy on the Pulsechain. For free.

Never has crypto seen an airdrop of this magnitude and never has this made the launch of a new chain so highly incentivized to use. With the number of wallets holding .1 ETH or more sitting at 3,978,224, the number of wallets holding SHIB at 1,155,247, and chainlink wallets sitting at 654,619, we can see how quickly the number of users holding at least 1 of thousands of ERC20 Tokens (ethereum based tokens) quickly adds up. Just from the numbers we had above, we can see that 5,788,090 wallets, not accounting for wallets holding multiple tokens, will be given incentive to try out the Pulsechain.

Not only does this include all ERC20 tokens, but NFT's as well and if we add that number to the mix we go parabolic instantly. They are indeed included in the airdrop though. What else could you need for justification? Probably reason 3, right?


There are 60,000+ members of a Telegram group waiting to get in on Pulsechain the moment it goes live, 41,810 wallets sacrificing over $670,007,371 for Pulsechain, approximately $1.3 Billion from 136,174 wallets sacrificed for PulseX alone(some of which sacrificed in order to be able to sell for PLS token at launch), and content popping up all over the internet talking about Pulsechain. Everybody who is not paid by CoinMarketCap is incredibly hyped about it.

With this many people awaiting its launch, I think it is safe to assume that there is far more hype around the potential of Pulsechain than the Ethereum launch could have ever dreamed up.

4) It is likely that Pulsechain will beat Ethereum 2.0 to market.

Ethereum 2.0 is an upgraded version of the current Ethereum Network that has been promised by developers for quite some time now. It has seen delay, after delay, after delay, and now it is highly likely that Pulsechain will arrive far in advance of the ETH 2.0 launch date. Users who are looking forward to the ETH 2.0 will see that not only did a fork of Ethereum come out, but it is highly competitive to what ETH 2.0 will someday in the future be.

With this in mind, there is no doubt that Pulsechain will gain many of Ethereum's user-base from sheer annoyance of waiting alone. Once they see that they received free tokens in their wallet, with far cheaper fees to transact, they may never turn back.

5) Pulsechain is using 7 years worth security development on day 1.

Pulsechain will have 7 years of failures and hacks, all patched and de-bugged, under its belt so to speak, at the time of launch. It will be highly secure and likely not have $50 Million stolen from any DAO in the initial year of being live like Ethereum did.

It is designed to learn from all of Ethereum's mistakes, both in code and business like manner. Richard Heart and his team have a highly reputable track record that has a perfect scorecard so far. There is so much belief in his teams capabilities from past products in comparison to when Ethereum was launched.

This builds massive trust in the safety of the network and the safety of placing hard earned cash on the network. For that reason, it made the number 5 spot to cap us off.

As a bonus though, let's take a look at what Ethereum's price performance was over the first year.

So what did Eth do in the first 365 days in price gains? Well, In its first week, ETH did a 2.6x and then dumped in a downward trend for 2 months straight. If we assess from launch, its price did around a 27x from its launch price to its 1 year all time high. From its all time low, it did around a 47x in price gains. Yes, 47x in price gains. That means that if you threw $1,000 at ETH during the all time low of $.43, you made $46,000 in profit.

Now I'd like you to think about everything we've gone over in regards to Pulsechain launch. How much better price performance will we see? Will it blow peoples minds or will it just barely surpass Ethereum? Only time will tell, but I have warm fuzzy feelings about it.

Thank you for reading this blog, I would love to know what you expect from Pulsechain in the first year in te comments below!

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