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6 Ways Pulsechain could make you 10,000x your money.

What is Pulsechain?

Pulsechain is a soon to be release fork of Ethereum. A fork is a branch off of the network from a certain block height, while using the underlying code from Ethereum. The code has been improved to make the speed of block processing 4x faster than Ethereum, it has made gas fees less than a penny per transaction, it is much more eco friendly and is giving the worlds largest airdrop to users of Ethereum.

Essentially it is improving Ethereum in some ways that ETH 2.0 is trying to accomplish, while most likely to beat ETH 2.0 to market by a great deal of time.

Now let’s get into why Pulsechain has the most potential to make you $1,000,000.

Reason 1: The Worlds Largest airdrop

Let’s use an analogy here:

Imagine that Ethereum is a mall. The mall is huge and sells all sorts of products. Unfortunately though, the mall has a fee to buy anything and they have risen to such a level that for many people they cannot justify spending $100 on fees to buy a $50 item. For people that want to return items to the mall, they still have to pay the fee and can not return their items for their money back.

Pulsechain is taking the plans for that mall and building a version right next to the Ethereum mall, with all the same stores, products and you can even walk from the Ethereum mall to the Pulsechain mall as they will be connected by a Bridge(think of it like a walkway that connects the malls).

They are even giving anyone who owns something from the Ethereum mall (like a t-shirt) the exact copy and amount of them they own but from the Pulsechain mall.

So if you own 10 Shiba T-shirts(SHIB), the Pulsechain is giving you 10 Pulsechain Shiba T-shirts (pSHIB) absolutely free.

You can even bring things from the Ethereum mall to the Pulsechain mall(and vice versa), but you have to place the goods from the Ethereum mall in a specially labeled bag so the mall knows where it came from(this is called wrapping).

What does this mean for users?

Anyone who holds any ERC20 Token from Ethereum, either Fungible or Non-Fungible will receive a copy of it on the Pulsechain network, aka. NFT’s and Tokens will all be copied over at a 1:1 ratio. If you have 10 Dog coins and 1 Monkey picture on Ethereum, you will get 10 Dog coins and 1 Monkey picture on the Pulsechain network.

They will have no value at first, meaning their price will be $0 until some sort of dollar value is brought in to the network via the bridge

Because of the bridging system being built, and users having both sides of a the bridge the moment Pulsechain launches, prices could rise very quickly even potentially reaching parity.

Due to Hearts law, meaning the prices of assets are directly correlated to the price of their liquidity pool trading pairs, it is likely that the prices of the pairs will be similar and could even help boost price on either side if the price goes up. It could also drag it down a bit as well. I will keep the description of how that works there for now as I need to write another article just to explain that!

So to summarize, the airdrop is at a minimum doubling the amount of coins you own. As a potential, it could double the actual dollar figure you’ve invested once $ is bridged over to the network. Much cheaper fees, much faster transaction speed and is eco friendly!

Reason 2: is a website that is literally giving away free PLS tokens every hour of the day for anyone that visits the website. You can claim up to $200 of free PLS every hour, 24 times per day if you don’t sleep.

At a minimum you can win 1 PLS per rolling the numbers and currently on the test site you can win up to 155,400 PLS every single hour. The odds are very low that you win anywhere near the maximum but it is still possible. In case that wasn't enough however, check this out…

Yup, you are actually reading that right. The creators of FreePulseio are actually planning on giving away Hex, PulseX and potentially any PRC20(Pulsechain Token) that you want, This is absolutely incredible.

So not only can you get free PLS when Pulsechain goes live, but also potentially free Hex and PulseX tokens from these creators. Who are they and how legitimate is this>? They or members of the Hex community that have been around since the early days of Hex and are well trusted within the community.

They have established transparency through their website, roadmap, and being in twitter spaces to answer any community members questions or concerns. Amazing stuff

Reason 3: Hedron

Hedron was just released around 2 weeks ago. It allows Hex users to tokenize their stakes(NFT) and move the stake around if they choose. Normally a hex stake is locked in on one wallet and must be completed or ended before anything can happen with the Hex. If you tokenize your stake you actually have the option to borrow HDRN as well, but I won’t get into that today. Now the stake itself can be bought, sold, or just sent to another wallet.

Regardless of wether you stake in Hedron or not, Stakers are given Hedron every single day for the life of the stake. Currently stakes can claim an 8x(actually a 9x bonus) for the life of the stake. This means if you have 1 T-share(trillion shares of Hex) made up of 21,093 Hex staked, you have 1000 B-shares(billion shares) and would receive 1000 HDRN/ day. If you stake now you get the 8x Bonus(9x) and would be getting 9000 HDRN every day for the entire life of the stake. But wait theres more.

Whatever HDRN you mint or will be able to mint from your stake will be COPIED OVER ON THE PULSECHAIN.

You will get a doubling of the free money you already got from having your Hex stake when the Pulsechain goes live……….. Boom.

Reason 4: PulseX

PulseX is the name of the Decentralized Exchange that will live on the Pulsechain Network. It will be the most liquid exchange(have the most coins in it of all the exchanges) and have the cheapest fees. it also has a two token system that will be implemented, which will have the PulseX token(PLSX) for DAO voting and in incentive token(so far called xPLSX) as a reward token for providing liquidity in the exchange.

PLSX has a capped supply that is supposed to be deflationary. Part of every transaction (around 21%) is bought and potentially burned from supply, which is essentially creating Buy pressure(upward pressure on price) on the PLSX price with every transaction.

There is a second token like we mentioned call xPLSX .xPLSX is inflationary and will constantly be rewarded for LP. It is not expected to perform nearly as well as PLSX.

Over $1 Billion has been Sacrificed for PulseX, which is potentially the largest amount ever in crypto. There will even potentially be a way for users to stake their PLSX to earn xPLSX…. it is an insane situation.

Reason 5: Hex

While Hex is currently down in price, it still prints Hex while you are staked.

So wether you’ve been staked for 30 days or since day 1 in Hex, all of the Hex that you have been generating in yield will be copied over exactly onto the Pulsechain. This means your original principal amount PLUS the rewards you’ve already earned will be duplicated.

If you want a full explanation of what Hex is please check out my last video or see my blog about the Hex T-Share.

Hex has already proven to be a foundation that can be built on, like with Hedron. Hedron has set the precedent that layers can be built on top of Hex. More projects could come along to reward Hex stakers. Will they be built on both chains? just on Pulsechain? Just on Ethereum? Who knows but it definitely will pay to play that game!

The rewards to come from having your hex staked and copied for free could add up to massive amounts over time! This is at a minimum doubling the amount of Hex you own AND the inflation. If Hex appreciates in price as well, things get even more sweet.

But lets move on to number 6.

Reason 6: PLS Coin

When Pulsechain goes live, there may be an opportunity to buy some PLS before it is all scooped up. PLS is deflationary as well, with 25% of every gas fee getting burnt from supply permanently. Over $600M was Sacrificed for Pulsechain

and no more PLS will ever be created, you can only get PLS by someone selling it or giving it away(freepulse).

If we compare it to what Ethereum did in its first few years, it did around a 14,000x from its launch price. This is not what PLS WILL do but we can expect some (if not a good amount) upward movement over the coming years, months and weeks once it launches.


Currently, testnet for Pulsechian is on V2, however Richard Heart has stated that in the next couple days Version 2B will be launched with working PulseX Exchange and all sacrifice balances!

Be sure to follow him at @richardheartwin on twitter for updates

There is no official release date for Pulsechain yet so YOU CANNOT BUY PLSX OR PLS CURRENTLY. Any token you see with that name is a SCAM.

We hope you've enjoyed this write up, and would love to know what you thought about it. Let us know in the comments below and even share it so more people can benefit from this information!

Here's the Video this is based on :)

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Nassim Belmadi
Nassim Belmadi
Oct 11, 2022

Good article


Dina Tahar
Dina Tahar
Sep 25, 2022

You are the best hexican ♥️


Dina Tahar
Dina Tahar
Sep 06, 2022



Caleb Musa
Caleb Musa
Jul 19, 2022

I'm so bullish on Pulsechain and pulsex, I believe they will best the best crypto in 2023/2024


Nassim Belmadi
Nassim Belmadi
Jul 17, 2022

All in and i will create 2 wallet holding pls and plsx for my 2

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