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6 Ways Pulsechain could make you 10,000x your money.

What is Pulsechain?

Pulsechain is a soon to be release fork of Ethereum. A fork is a branch off of the network from a certain block height, while using the underlying code from Ethereum. The code has been improved to make the speed of block processing 4x faster than Ethereum, it has made gas fees less than a penny per transaction, it is much more eco friendly and is giving the worlds largest airdrop to users of Ethereum.

Essentially it is improving Ethereum in some ways that ETH 2.0 is trying to accomplish, while most likely to beat ETH 2.0 to market by a great deal of time.

Now let’s get into why Pulsechain has the most potential to make you $1,000,000.

Reason 1: The Worlds Largest airdrop