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Crypto Coffee: PulseChain vs PulseX - Which One Pumps Harder? 🚀 A Review

If this is your first time hearing about Pulsechain or PulseX, you may just have found two of the best kept secrets in crypto that will soon be released.

Pulsechain, is a fork of the Ethereum blockchain which is in development by Richard Heart and his developers and is currently nearing the end of version 2/3 of testing phase before full launch. It has cheaper fees, faster block times, more transactions per second, is eco friendly(proof of stake consensus), is deflationary due to Pulse being burned with each transaction, and is about to initiate the worlds largest airdrop of free tokens copied over from the Ethereum network. I'll elaborate more on this in another post later.

PulseX, is a decentralized exchanged which is in development by Richard Heart and his team, will be the main exchange on the Pulsechain blockchain. It will be the most liquid exchange, with the cheapest fees, and will burn a portion of the PulseX token supply with each transaction. While this sounds simple compared to Pulsechain, I can assure you it is not. I will elaborate more in a future post.

Both have had a "Sacrifice Phase", where crypto holders could have sacrificed cryptocurrency for either freedom of speech, or freedom of movement. In exchange for making a political statement, sacrificers are given points based on how close to the start of the sacrifice they sent crypto, with less points given each day per dollar. Day 1 sacrificers got 10,000 points per $1 spent and by the end of the sacrifice users got 10,000 points per $10 spent.

Both also have price speculation from prominent figures that are wildly different in predictions. Some say that PulseX will outperform Pulsechain and Hex, some are speculating that Pulsechain will be the fastest to a 10,000x price increase, and no-one can quite agree on how it will play out.

There are so many factors, but is there data that shows the case for either Pulsechain or PulseX? In Youtuber @cryptocoffee 's latest video, he breaks down his predictions based on historical data to compare short term price gains versus long term price gains.

He begins with a short term prediction by comparing Pulsechain to Ethereum, noting price performance from launch to end of the first year.

"When Ethereum launched, it launched in the ICO(Initial Coin Offering) Style. Right, and the ICO Price for people that got in early on the Ethereum ICO was 31 cents."

When comparing the price chart of ETH to what PLS might do he states "We might not see prices below some the lower sacrifice ranges"

He continues to share his price prediction in the short term for both PLS and PLSX.

While he states much more in the video, My thoughts regarding Pulsechain's performance in the short term may be wildly different than Ethereum's performance.

When Ethereum launched, it did not have the largest ecosystem in crypto. It was still in development and slowly scaled its user base and Total Value Locked(TVL) up over time.

Pulsechain, is copying every smart contract, NFT, Token etc and duplicating it for both the products and projects as well as the Tokens and NFT's that users own in their wallets; Essentially starting a refreshed version of Ethereum with a massive ecosystem waiting to come to life.

It seems as though any correlation to what ETH has done could potentially be thrown out the window, as PLS will have a massive use case as well as a historical price chart for what a native Coin to a network with a near exact ecosystem to Ethereum could do.

He later compares Coins(the Layer 1 or the blockchain native Coin) to the infrastructure and the real world price performance versus the tokens compared to being more like a Netflix, Amazon or Google. Despite this comparison Crypto Coffee shows that the real world may have different valuations than what crypto users value thus far in the development of the technology.

After watching the video, I am in agreement with many of the points Crypto Coffee raised. I do consider this to be an anomaly of a situation and could play out wildly different from anything we could anticipate.

For his verdict on who will outperform who on short vs long timeframes, please watch the video at the bottom of the page, Like, Comment, and Subcribe to his channel. At the time of writing this post he even released a new video before I could get this write up out.

@cryptocoffee is an invaluable member of the Hex, Pulsechain and PulseX community, so show him the love and support that he deserves.

If you like this write up, like the article and drop a comment below!

Thanks for reading.

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both are gonna pump hard... PLSX will pump hard first... then PLS will follow...


Nassim Belmadi
Nassim Belmadi
Sep 08, 2022

Pulsex will pump hard


Wioletta J
Wioletta J
Jul 25, 2022

Thank you. best blog.


Jul 24, 2022

Crypto Coffee's the man! ☕

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