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Holy $%^& | You NEED to know THIS about Hedron, Icosa and WAATSA

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

The Icosa staking platform launched on August 14th, allowing users to mint and stake Icosa, stake Hedron that they minted for free from Hex stakes or bought and Mint a We Are All the Source Address NFT over a 14 day mint phase that is still on-going. All these pools get the same amount of ICSA per day based on the share of the pool they have, but the Icosa staking pool also gets Hedron as additional yield.

Since launching, approximately 3510+ HSI’s have been sold to the Icosa smart contract to mint ICSA. All these HSI were advanced against by the smart contract and will begin being liquidated on day 90, which means you and I will have the opportunity to bid on these stakes and buy them using Hedron tokens.

Before we go any further though I want to remind you of the ways that Both Hedron and ICSA enter staking pools as yield. ICSA is generated as yield through the amount of Hedron burned the previous day, divided by the Hex Tshare rate, divided by 10. Each pool gets this number of ICSA sent to it. Another way ICSA is sent to the pools is through early end stake penalties. Hedron yield which is unique to only the Icosa staking pool, is calculated as 50% of the Hedron burned in the previous day. Early end stake penalties also contribute to this yield as well. For a more in-depth analysis, watch my series “Hedron the sleeping Giant”: .

Now that were on the same page in regard to the yield, it’s time we talk about day 91; potentially one of the biggest days for yield that we could ever see on the Icosa staking platform.