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How Crypto Can Set You Free - NOW.

You've probably read this title before. Maybe in a spammy sounding email or on a Youtube video with affiliate links to some trading platform. "Buy this Coin NOW to catch the coming 100x!!!" gets a little old and just seeing the titles of emails, thumbnails, etc., does the same to you as it does to me. The good news is, you don't need to worry about this blog sounding anything like what you'd expect or anything like a spammy email. So how can Crypto set you free, now? By looking at your relationship with crypto and what that reflects back to you about yourself - Internally.

What is Crypto to you? Is it a means to make millions to live that luxury lifestyle you've always dreamed of? Is it just another investment? Is it a potential vehicle for making your life and those around you easier? Do the foundational values of crypto in terms of self sovereignty and freedom also align with your values? What is it about Crypto that aligns with you?

There is no wrong answer here, plain and simple. There are only answers, however if we look into what our answers are we can actually get a glimpse into a deeper layer of ourselves we may have previously not known.

An Arbitrary Example: You are 22 years old and all in on crypto. You dream of driving a Lamborghini Huracan and seeing all of the heads turn as you drive by. They can't believe someone as young as you is able to afford such luxury items. This fills you with a sense of assuredness and fulfillment with even the thought. You want to be seen in the nicest restaurants with the richest friends and only want to be seen with the best looking people around them. While this is an extremely simple and cliche example, it's easy to relate to how crypto can "set you free" when we change where we focus. What are the values being displayed here? Everything about these goals are aimed at making this person feel fulfilled from external validation. They typical go to the outside world for their sense of validation and self worth instead of generating these from within. Sure, if we knew more details maybe we could play armchair psychologist and dissect this person to something in their household that occurred when they were young, which led them here. Instead we'll just focus on where we left off.

Even by simply asking, "Why do I want what I want?", we can start to view the parts of ourselves that actually create difficulty in our lives. If this person in our example asked themselves this question and was fully willing to look at themselves without putting up walls or judgement, they might realize that they have not learned to value themselves and place all of their value on what their life externally 'looks' like. This, in major part, is how we can use crypto to set ourselves free.

Crypto, in this aspect, can set you free from the parts of yourself that are developed from emotional, mental, or spiritual wounding. These are the parts of our unconscious that run our lives like parasites, which are trying to recreate old feelings time and time again. These parasites need us to continue experiencing these feelings to continue to live. When we begin to understand why something is the way it is by looking at what was, or what happened in the past, we can understand ourselves and our actions on a level that we have never experienced before. If this concept is new to you, let me give you a personal example.

You may have recalled a few blogs ago, how I wrote about power and how that relates to us, in crypto. That whole blog was due to my own discovery of my relationship with crypto and what I do here at I was always so volatile on all fronts energetically, emotional, mentally, and even physically based on what was happening in this business and in crypto. Eventually it got to the point where I could not even get myself to write a blog, email, or text let alone record a video. I had nothing left in the tank yet again in my life and I had no idea why.

This had been a pattern for me throughout my life, so this time I took it upon myself to take time away to really assess. Eventually, after much questioning and looking at myself deeply, I began to see the pattern: I was over investing my energy into crypto, like I tend to over invest into many things around me. Why? Because I had been placing my value on what I was accomplishing on the outside world. I needed to learn to value my time, my energy, my leisure and myself without needing to feel value from the outside world. I needed to learn to invest in what gives me energy. Now, after coming to know this and acting on it, I feel as though a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders and it is so much easier to balance the areas of my life on a day to day basis. In this way, By reviewing my relationship with Crypto, I was able to illuminate a pattern within myself that was causing me repeated suffering. In other words, Crypto helped set me free from a self sabotaging part of myself.

Sure, you could argue that this is true for our relationship with every single aspect of life, and you'd be right. Why I'm writing about crypto specifically here is that it is very easy to spot patterns in relation to crypto due to the nature of the beast. Crypto can make us feel such elations and such extreme lows, which makes it easy to begin assessing ourselves when it is so easy to spot our reactions. Any area in our life that brings out strong emotions or reactions is an easy place to start assessing ourselves no matter what it is; Crypto just happens to be one of them. Back to 'Freedom' for a second though. We often think of freedom as something we have externally and fair enough. Freedom has a 'look'. When we think of freedom, we think of a way of life and associate it with the perception we have of it, but what about freedom internally from all that brings us pain and suffering in our lives?

Think about an area of your life where you used to use something of the outside world to make you feel complete in some way, which could be something from years and years ago or very recent. Without whatever it was that made you feel complete, be it people, objects, substance, etc., think about what it felt like at that time when you couldn't have that for any period. It probably felt pretty rough. Now think about what it's like now to not need that. However you arrived to where you are, feel what it is and was like to completely let go of the need for that thing in a positive way. This is a small glimpse of the internal freedom I am speaking of, which I will cover much more in depth in another blog.

When we understand what freedom internally feels like, even in the slightest, we can see that it is even more important than the external freedom we often yearn for; since we no longer need to rely on external freedom for our sense of validation or self worth. I hope by now you are seeing the importance understanding our relationship to Crypto and all other relationships in our lives. Understanding this can set us free in ways we cannot even imagine, which is something no amount of money can ever buy. Now imagine this: You have created peace within yourself by healing the parts of yourself that cause you pain and you become wealthy. You would literally have freedom. Nothing could hold you down, and even if you lost your external wealth, you would have such an immense internal wealth that the joy of life we not evade you.


1) Find a quiet place where you can be undisturbed and get comfortable sitting upright for some time. Begin breathing deep, with the inhale and the exhale being equal in length, while never forcing the breath. Relax your body just a little bit more with each breath. With each cycle of the breath, breathe just a little bit deeper, again without forcing the breath in our out. Do this for 5-10 minutes, or as long as you like.

2) Sit in silence for as long as you like while doing the following: Imagine what it would be like to be completely free internally, without anything possibly being able to cause you internal pain or suffering. Deeply feel into this as you visualize it. What would it be like in numerous different scenarios? Try to feel into this as deeply as you can while visualizing it as well. Here's an example: Imagine a scenario in your life that consistently causes a negative emotional reaction within you. It could be crypto, it could be social, it could be work related, anything. Now I want you to feel what it would be like to be unable to have a negative emotional reaction to this scenario and instead feel like it cannot affect you in any way.

3) Whenever you feel as though you have felt in to this experience as much as you want or need to, slowly come back to the body and open your eyes. Take out a notepad or something to record what you experienced. This exercise is to help plant the seed of internal freedom into your unconscious and begin to make you more aware of how you can work towards internal freedom more consciously. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope it inspires you to create the same freedom within as we aspire to achieve externally. If you'd like a Coach for not only Crypto but for how to create wealth internally as well, you can click the link below to book a 1-on-1 Coaching call.

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