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#nft ’s that only go UP in value? Icosa WAATSA #NFT + Strategies

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

#NFT’s that only go up in value? WAATSA NFT + Strategies

If you still haven’t heard, a new staking platform is being released on august 15 at midnight UTC time – Which equates to 5pm PST and 8pm EST august 14th. This Staking platform gives a use case for the Token that is only mint-able for Hex Stakers, Hedron. Hedron can be staked to earn the new token called Icosa, which can also be staked to earn Icosa; however, unlike the Hedron pool the Icosa pool also earns Hedron tokens. There is one final, limited time entry staking pool that we have not talked about here on the channel in a video: The We Are All The Source Address Pool.

This pool, while it earns the same amount of ICOSA as the other pools, is very different from the previously mentioned two pools. When Icosa goes live, you will have a 14 day window to send in USDC, ETH, HEX, & HDRN in order to mint an NFT. This is no ordinary NFT though! The amount of dollar value you send to the contract is worth points and every dollar is worth a single point, which is attached to your NFT or NFTs. At the end of the 14 days, the system sees the total number of points across all NFT’s. If there are 100,000 points in the pool across all NFT’s minted, and you have 1000 points between your NFT’s, you will have 1% of the pool and get 1% of the daily yield. The amazing thing about these NFT’s is that they will always increasing in their value every single day they exist.

Here’s where things get