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#nft ’s that only go UP in value? Icosa WAATSA #NFT + Strategies

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

#NFT’s that only go up in value? WAATSA NFT + Strategies

If you still haven’t heard, a new staking platform is being released on august 15 at midnight UTC time – Which equates to 5pm PST and 8pm EST august 14th. This Staking platform gives a use case for the Token that is only mint-able for Hex Stakers, Hedron. Hedron can be staked to earn the new token called Icosa, which can also be staked to earn Icosa; however, unlike the Hedron pool the Icosa pool also earns Hedron tokens. There is one final, limited time entry staking pool that we have not talked about here on the channel in a video: The We Are All The Source Address Pool.

This pool, while it earns the same amount of ICOSA as the other pools, is very different from the previously mentioned two pools. When Icosa goes live, you will have a 14 day window to send in USDC, ETH, HEX, & HDRN in order to mint an NFT. This is no ordinary NFT though! The amount of dollar value you send to the contract is worth points and every dollar is worth a single point, which is attached to your NFT or NFTs. At the end of the 14 days, the system sees the total number of points across all NFT’s. If there are 100,000 points in the pool across all NFT’s minted, and you have 1000 points between your NFT’s, you will have 1% of the pool and get 1% of the daily yield. The amazing thing about these NFT’s is that they will always increasing in their value every single day they exist.

Here’s where things get interesting though. Unlike the other two pools, there is no minimum or maximum time lock on the pool, however the only way to get your Icosa yield you have earned to date is to burn your NFT and remove yourself from the pool, forever. Luckily though, you can mint as many NFT’s as you wish with one single address.

So, what are some strategies that you can use to not be stuck in the pool awaiting the perfect moment to remove all of your yield? Lets go over 3 of my favourite strategies:

1) NFT ladder

Instead of Going all in on one NFT and being stuck with completely removing yourself from the pool all in one go, you can create an NFT ladder.

Let’s say you have $1000 you want to send to the pool. Instead of going all in, create a number of NFT’s with an equal portion of your total. You can do 5 NFT’s and $200 each, 10 NFT’s and $100 each etc. This gives you the option to have a ladder similar to a Hex staking ladder where you have yearly stakes ending, except in this case you have yearly NFT burns. You can create a ladder for as long or as short as you like and if the year is up but you don’t feel it’s worth it to burn your NFT yet, you can just extend the ladder out as long as you need.

Time to move on to number 2!

2) Set it and forget it

This strategy is for those who want to just have some skin in the game but not a whole lot. The strategy is quite simple: place only the amount of funds into a single NFT that allows you to completely forget about it. This could be $1 or $10,000 depending on your financial situation, but the point here is to forget it exists for a long time. By doing this, you remove the temptation to burn your NFT, allow others to remove themselves out of the pool and slowly over time increase the amount of yield you get daily. This pool could last for a long time, so being able to forget about the NFT for years before looking could turn out to produce a whole lot of yield in the longer term as your position increases over time. When you do finally look at it, hopefully years down the road, you should be pleasantly surprised and have a nice bag of Icosa yield to extract by Burning the NFT then.

It may be an idea to set a reminder of some sorts for a certain number of years from the time of minting so you can completely automate the process and allow yourself to fully forget about it.

Let’s move to our 3rd and final strategy

3) The “Never Burn” Strategy

This strategy takes a lot of will power and some foresight and can be done in combination with the other strategies. This strategy is where you make just one NFT, with all the resources you want to use. This NFT will of course never be going down in value, so considering this a value proposition, there may come a time when (and only possibly) that you could use this NFT as collateral in the future to extract value without burning it.

As time goes on and fewer and fewer people remain in the pool, your NFT will be increasing in underlying value at a faster and faster rate. This means that the chances of you utilizing the NFT in the distant future as collateral and getting liquidated (in the case of a loan) will be extremely low. You also have the option to sell the NFT on the market place at some point instead of burning it. Doing this, the potential to sell the NFT for a far more than it is currently worth due to its daily yield is very high. These NFT’s may be incredibly sought after, so having one years down the road could put you in an incredible position to capitalize on this scenario in the future.


To learn about how you can use this information and maximize its use case and maximize returns on investment, book a 1 hour consultation today.

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