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One of my MOST Important lessons from this Bear Market

One important lesson I'm learning during this Crypto Bear Market, is about Power. Power is not what you think, in fact its not domineering over anyone and when understood deeply, empowers yourself. Let me explain:

Power, in the context I am referring to, is empowerment of Self; Which is the purest form of you beneath the many layers of unconscious programming that we go our entire lives unlearning to find who we truly are. It is the YOU that is authentic as humanly possible. It is the all original you that is as pure as can be. It is taking responsibility for your life and putting yourself in control of your life, to summarize briefly. This has EVERYTHING to do with crypto, so make sure you continue to the end, where I'll provide you a short exercise that can help you tremendously.

So, the lesson I have been learning this bear market in relation to Crypto specifically, is to do with giving that Power away. How do you do that though? By allowing your outcomes, needs, desires, fulfillments, & so much more to be dictated by the external world.

We give our power away when we rely on our investments for our goals and put so much importance on this future "Jackpot" to happen that when it seems to be going the opposite way, we are dragged down both emotionally, spiritually, physically and mentally with it.

We give our power away when we rely on others to make our goals, wants, needs and desires happen. We give our power away when we rely on others to fix our problems. We give our power away in so many small ways by placing the solution to our problems now, outside of ourselves.

We are, in some ways, making ourselves to be a victim of life, whenever we give our power away. It is very easy to get caught up in this, as we can be giving our power away in such subtle ways that we may not spot it unless we know what to look for. Even then, it can hard to change.

So how can we begin to take our power back? In relation to crypto, it can be as simple as putting your money into your Crypto of choice and walking away to continue to invest into yourself and future goals in other ways.

It could be that you only place as much money into crypto as you can knowingly go to sleep at night without a worry in the world about it going to $0 or makes you rich. Giving away your power in some ways is over investing financially, physically, emotionally, mentally, etc

When you have a need or desire that you rely on something from the outside world to fulfill, you give your power away and become weakened by it; more fragile and volatile. To regain power, we must begin to be present with ourselves and where we feel helpless. Now, let me share with you an extremely powerful exercise to regain that power in your life. It will not happen all at once, but slowly, and the more progress you make the more you will see other areas of your life that can be changed to regain power in your life.

Exercise: 1) With your eyes closed in a comfortable seated position, relax deeply and do at least 5 minutes of equalized breathing (up to 10 if you feel like you can continue), where the inhale is the same length and depth as the exhale, progressively getting deeper while never forcing the breath.

2) Ask yourself this question: Who or what in my life am I relying on outside of myself to get what I want out of life? Write this down and follow the breadcrumbs that pop up in your mind as thoughts or memories, along with any emotions.

3) come up with solutions that you can take action to change the power from outside of yourself to within yourself. Write them down. 4) Prioritize the list of where you are giving your power away and begin implementing the solutions in your life at a pace that is manageable and not overwhelming. Only begin implementing more changes when you feel you have the capacity to change another aspect of your life, as each change can take a ton of energy to maintain awareness and action towards creating change.

5) Check in with yourself often to keep yourself accountable about where your power is in your life. You may find more and more coming up, but just allow yourself to become aware of it and not feel the need to fix it all at once.

Do not judge yourself, condemn yourself, or see yourself in a negative light because of any realizations about you and your life. Accept them and thank yourself for being able to see the opportunity to grow. Allow any emotions to flow and be expressed.

We give our power away almost daily, but small changes can drastically change the trajectory of our lives. I hope you found this helpful and brings about positive change in your life. Much Love,


If you've made it this far, thank you. For more personalized coaching in crypto, check out my one on one Coaching Sessions linked below.

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Paul Webb
Paul Webb
2023년 10월 09일

Wise words Steve, and thank you again for taking the time to pass on your knowledge and thoughts without expecting anything in return. Your a decent human being which can be hard to find in the crypto world.

2023년 10월 09일
답글 상대:

Thanks for taking the time to both read and respond Paul. You're awesome, thanks for the kind words!

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