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PulseChain is launching THIS WEEK | Confirmed

After 2 brutally long years, the time has finally come. Richard Heart has announced that both Pulsechain Mainnet and the PulseX Exchange will be live for the public within 7 days. Link:

Now, we do not know if the fork has already happened, so before you jump up and run to the computer to buy more of your favourite ERC-20 token for the airdrop, you need to understand that there is no guarantee that anything you buy right now will get included in the airdrop. You may still get the tokens you purchase copied, but you also risk not getting them in equal probability. It is impossible to know.

If you are not completely confident in how to participate in the launch or just in Pulsechain in general, here are a list of videos on my youtube channel that you can use to get yourself in ship shape in no time:

4 things you MUST know before PULSECHAIN launches | Testnet V3 PulseX Tutorial:

Pulsechain V3 Bridge is LIVE | How to Bridge, Import tokens, & get test Tokens

Could swapping PulseX (PLSX) for PLS (Pulse) get you REKT? WATCH BEFORE PULSECHAIN LAUNCHES

For more videos, go to my channel where I have over 130 videos to date on the whole ecosystem:

If the videos are not quite cutting it, you are still confused or stressed about launch and you would prefer to be coached one on one, I offer 1 hour or 30 minute Coaching Calls which will bring you the confidence you need to be prepared for whatever you want to do when PulseChain Launches. You can book now in the links below:

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