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Richard heart debates Peter Schiff

This Debate was hosted by Goko Group and livestreamed on Youtube on February 23rd, 2021.

Gold vs Crypto

“We have two Heavy-weight Champions, in Richard Heart and Peter Schiff, going head to head today.” moderator Greg Owen began, “This may never happen again”.

Rightly said. Both debators have strong beliefs in what they are saying and it was expected for this debate to be fiery at times.

“Let me introduce these two gentleman to you. Peter Schiff: Peter is an American Stock Broker, financial commentator and radio personality. He’s a regular on television programs throughout the world for his economic commentary and opinion. Peter has been a financial commentator for over 30 years, this is when Richard was still wearing short trousers in primary school. Peter is a man who has seen all of the major economic ups and downs. He certainly is a scarred economic general who has always been on the front foot of economics in the world. Peter Has a reputation of going head to head with some of the most powerful people on the planet and I can tell you, he doesn’t lose very often.”

“Richard Heart: Richard is a bit of the flavour of the month, he is the creator and founder of the highly successful cryptocurrency Hex. He is said to have a very high IQ, and extraordinary ability in mathematics. This man has a heard of people who follow him around the world, he is like a god. However, many call him a gunslinger, a scam coin owner, a ponzi scheme creator, who can be very rude, very abrupt, and can have very narcissistic tendencies. He’s living somewhere in Europe, but nobody knows exactly for his own safety.”

It seems as though the frame had been set to make sure Richard would start on the defense of this debate, with little research about his background beforehand other than a quick google search by the moderator. Nothing new.

The debate lasted around one hour and ten minutes. It was fiery at times, had moments of unexpected agreement between the two, as well as what could only be described as old money not acknowledging new money.

The major flaw to the debate was the audio. Throughout the debate, clipping(distortion from too loud of a mic) was a constant problem. First it was Richard, then it was Peter, and then Peter was simply just louder than Richard for much of the debate.

This made the debate at times seem as though Peter was making the stronger point, simply because he was able to say anything and essentially mute Richard to the audience, stopping him short of his arguments point.

About 20 minutes through the debate, Richard established some common ground between them, which seemed to diffuse the emotions that at the time were seeping into the arguments and interrupting.

Many of Peters points centered around how he believed that there is no value in cryptocurrency and that it would all go to zero. His argument against Hex mainly consisted of equating proof of wait to being a sucker and “getting caught holding the bag” for when non-stakers sold.

Both Richard and Peter were able to have moderator Greg Owen ask the opposing member a written question on their behalf, leading to some very interesting debate points.

Unfortunately, Greg Owen thanked the debators for a wonderful interview and it came to a close just as things seemed to be tilting at a quicker rate toward Richards end.

All in all, both Peter and Richard put on an incredible display and left the viewers wanting more.

In a post Debate twitter space(voice chat room), many wished it could have gone longer, but were thankful for the debate nonetheless.

We hope to one day see Richard Debate more financial and public figures, and even hope for a round two of the Peter Schiff vs. Richard Heart Debate.

Here is the Debate to see for yourself:

Let us know what you thought about the debate below! And thank you for reading.

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This was a good debate.


Dina Tahar
Dina Tahar
Sep 07, 2022

Richard Heart is the best person in


Will Carey
Will Carey
Aug 13, 2022

I would bet a lot of money that Peter Schiff owns Bitcoin and possibly HEX? If he doesn't own crypto now he will very, very soon!


Caleb Musa
Caleb Musa
Aug 06, 2022

I watched this debate live and my respect for Richard Heart grew more. He is extremely good with data and he practically rubbish Peter Schiff's with his points.


Will Carey
Will Carey
Aug 05, 2022

Schiff's views are looking very archaic these days. Get on board with the future or get left behind.

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