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The Greatest Crypto Community in the World

Never in my life have I seen such an open, welcoming, knowledgeable, and dedicated community, until I found Richard Heart and #HEX.

"Hexicans", aka investors in $HEX who truly believe in the product and go above and beyond just to educate, help and maintain the community, have blown me away.

It must be said however, that it is almost impossible to mention every contributing community member. I will name the relevant members in this post.

For the last number of months and nearly every day, members of the community have stayed on Twitter for hours on end(sometimes even days.. no joke) in what is called "Twitter Spaces"; a voice chat room where anyone can join from Twitter.

What are they talking about? EVERYTHING. They are educating, speaking about high level finance, high level of crypto game theory, life experiences, Pulsechain, Pulsex, and have seen some very prominent names come into the space and drop knowledge bombs for FREE.

Nearly every day or every other day, high level developers and business people drop by; Even @RichardHeartWin himself, will drop by from time to time and give everyone in the chatroom a few or more free IQ points. It. Is. Incredible.