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The Pulsechain BRIDGE is Open!!

I am writing a quick blog to let you know that the PulseChain Mainnet bridge has opened up and you can now bridge your tokens from Ethereum over to Pulsechain. To bridge, make sure you go to and have both PLS tokens in your wallet on the Pulsechain side, as well as ETH in your wallet on the Ethereum side to pay for the transaction fees associated with the bridge. If you still have not connected to Pulsechain Mainnet, go to where you can easily connect by clicking on the "Add Pulsechain to Metamaks" button. You can even go to the PulseX exchange or the bridge by clicking on the Highlighted "PulseX" or "Bridge" words in the first paragraph on the home page. Gas fees are extremely high right now on Pulsechain Mainnet, so you will need to buy PLS from a centralized exchange like Coinbase, Binance, etc., once the exchanges have announced that they are listing it.

If you have questions regarding which tokens are best to bring over, or looking for a demonstration on how to use the bridge, I have a video you can watch at the bottom of the blog on everything Pulsechain Bridge. If you would like coaching on anything to do with the Pulsechian ecosystem, the bridge, or DeFi, I offer one on one coaching in either 30 minute calls or 1 hour calls which you can book below.

Donations: 0x2e27568Bc258Fb03DbA3D6a015872C8fA6f4e90e

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