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Weekly Group calls every Tuesday and Thursday!!!

Hello CRYPTOGRFX family!

Due to increasing demand for one on one Coaching calls, I am pleased to announce that I will be offering group Zoom calls with a max of 12 Participants every Tuesday and Thursday until further notice. All calls are specifically aimed to answer questions in a personalized manner, with screen sharing, complete walkthroughs, deep dive conversations, spread sheets, charts and more, all while saving 80% on the hourly rate of a one on one coaching call.

In addition to the dual weekly calls, I will be offering the ability to book individual calls or to purchase a monthly membership in two different tiers - 4 calls and 8 calls per month. To purchase, please click the button below:

Additionally, operating hours for one on one sessions have shifted to 11am to 4 pm Pacific standard time Monday through Friday, as well as an increased price per hour for weekends and an availability of 11am to 3pm. I look forward to helping you get educated very soon!

I look forward to seeing you there, Steve

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