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Missed Pulsechain Sacrifice? 4 Strategies to get PLS token FAST at launch

With Pulsechain looming just around the corner, many people who missed the Pulsechain Sacrifice are now hoping that there will be some way to scoop up some PLS Token at launch.

Why are so many people strategizing you might ask? Well the problem lies in the overall supply of Pulsechain. It is deflationary, meaning the supply only goes down. New coins will never be created once Pulsechain goes live, so there are only a handful of ways to acquire PLS after launch and in this blog, we will get in to 4 strategies to do just that right at launch.

How to get PLS #4:

If you missed the sacrifice phase of Pulsechain, but just want some tokens to transact with on the network, this is the fastest strategy. Connect your wallet, roll the numbers, and get from 1-155,400 PLS tokens every hour of every day. That means you can roll up to 24 times a day if you are a complete savage and don't sleep.

It is unlikely that you will win Millions of PLS, but it adds up over time! Who knows, with a couple lucky rolls, maybe you end up with a million PLS tokens in a handful of months.

The great thing about this strategy is it is stress free. No rushing to beat the mar