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Missed Pulsechain Sacrifice? 4 Strategies to get PLS token FAST at launch

With Pulsechain looming just around the corner, many people who missed the Pulsechain Sacrifice are now hoping that there will be some way to scoop up some PLS Token at launch.

Why are so many people strategizing you might ask? Well the problem lies in the overall supply of Pulsechain. It is deflationary, meaning the supply only goes down. New coins will never be created once Pulsechain goes live, so there are only a handful of ways to acquire PLS after launch and in this blog, we will get in to 4 strategies to do just that right at launch.

How to get PLS #4:

If you missed the sacrifice phase of Pulsechain, but just want some tokens to transact with on the network, this is the fastest strategy. Connect your wallet, roll the numbers, and get from 1-155,400 PLS tokens every hour of every day. That means you can roll up to 24 times a day if you are a complete savage and don't sleep.

It is unlikely that you will win Millions of PLS, but it adds up over time! Who knows, with a couple lucky rolls, maybe you end up with a million PLS tokens in a handful of months.

The great thing about this strategy is it is stress free. No rushing to beat the market, just click, and receive your PLS.

How to get PLS #3: Purchase as people take profit

With all of the hype surrounding Pulsechain, it is likely we will see steep price movement in the initial hours, days and months after launch. Many people will likely take profits early, as the price moves upward and this is a major opportunity to acquire should the supply by low at launch.

Expect volatility and capitalize on the volatility. Look at the ETH Chart for example.

The price chart::

During its first 2 weeks, ETH price went from $.75 up to nearly $1.90, and then back down to $1.10. The next couple months were filled with downward trending price, however if you checked out the last blog, you would know that it seems unlikely that Pulsechain will follow ETH's downward price action.

It seems much more likely that the price of PLS will jump up, people will take profits and make the price crash a bit, followed by more upward price action. The volatility is predictable, but you will have to be on your "A" game to catch the dips.

How to get PLS #2: Buy an ERC-20 that will reach Price parity quickly

By buying any ERC20 token that you think will likely reach parity once fiat is bridged over to the network, you are insuring that you have the most possible value to trade with on the Pulsechain Network when the Worlds Largest Airdrop happens.

As a reminder, the Worlds largest Airdrop gives 1:1 copy of any owned ERC20 tokens onto the Pulsechain into users wallets, like free money.

What do I mean by this? Well, when Pulsechain goes live, all of the tokens Airdropped to users will have no value in $ amount. Once $ value has been bridged over from Ethereum onto the Pulsechain network, this will start the process of what is called "Price Discovery".

Price Discovery means that the actual value of the tokens will start to happen, and the values will start to climb. Parity, is when this price discovery reaches the same price that the Ethereum version of the token is sitting at. Parity simply means they are equal.

So by having an ERC20 that you think will go up in value or to parity quickly, you also ensure that you will have at a minimum the tokens already on the Pulsechain Network without having to bridge them over. This means instant swapping as soon as there is value bridged in or as soon as trading is possible, possibly even without $ value attached.

How do you figure out what ERC20 to hold before launch?

Look for a community that is highly aware of and excited for, Pulsechain. This will ensure that many people rush to use and maybe bridge over the most $$ to that token. If that happens, it is likely that the token will try to meet parity with the opposing chain(ETH) and possibly even surpass it, at least temporarily.

The community that I believe fits this bill is the Hexican Community, and therefore Hex is my token of choice. Fans of a previous Richard Heart product are all dying to get their hands on the new ones, both PulseX and Pulsechain. People who know about or are invested in Hex and Richard Hearts Product, are the core of the people who are waiting for Pulsechain!

So now let's get into the number 1 strategy!

How to get PLS #1: Utilize those ERC20’s to scoop up the Automated Market Maker Bot's supply mint.

When Pulsechain launches, a Bot will come along and fix the ratios of tokens to PLS in the pools that had ETH in them on the Ethereum network. The reason it is doing this, is because EVERYTHING is getting copied over to the pulsechain, and the liquidity pools(including their ratios) need to be adjuisted to maintain the ratios in those pools. The bot will need to mint approximately 1-2% of the total supply to be placed in pools on PulseX, which just may be available at launch.

This is a massive opportunity to get PLS at the lowest potential price we MAY see. There are 2 ways to purchase this most likely:

1. Trade the ERC20 tokens before there is any $ value on the Puslechain network.

The downsides to this are you made be very limited on how much you can trade do to lack of value being attached to each token. This is a major speculation but could be an opportunity

2. Wait for bridged Fiat $ to create values on the Puslechain, and when your properly selected ERC20 reaches parity, swap the free copies for PLS Token that will be available from AMM Fixer bot.

All in all, there is no sure fire way to guarantee that you can get PLS at launch, however by following these strategies you may just have a chance!

Thanks so much for checking out this blog. I would love to know what you thought about these strategies in the comments, and stay tuned for future updates like this.

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Dina Tahar
Dina Tahar
Oct 01, 2022

Great thank's for info


Will Carey
Will Carey
Aug 26, 2022

Hello friends:) A strategy to think about if you DID NOT SACRIFICE:

  1. Pre-launch- DCA into HEX

  2. On launch- swap EHEX for Pulse X

  3. On launch- swap PHEX for Pulse

  4. After launch- DCA in rotation Pulse X, Pulse, PHEX

  5. Be involved in the HEX community to stay up to date

  6. DCA out to retire on a beach:)


Nassim Belmadi
Nassim Belmadi
Aug 07, 2022



i already sacrifice


Jul 05, 2022

Thanks for this. FreePulse and buying dips for me. Not giving up any of my HEX or eHEX.

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