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PulseX BUY & BURN | Its Potential Effects on Price.

Pulse X

PulseX Is the Decentralized Exchange that will be the most liquid(has the most tokens available to swap) and have the cheapest fees on the soon to be released Pulsechain network.

It has a built in fee of 0.29% per transaction, with around 76% going to Liquidity providers, 3% going to an address you should have no expectations of(some sort of anonymous Dev associated Wallet) and 21% is used to Buy and then Burn PLSX from that 0.29% fee.

PLSX is the native token to PulseX, which allows users to vote in a DAO(Decentralized Autonomous Organization) on the reward tokens that will end up in PLSX staking pools at a minimum.

Once Pulsechain is launched, PLSX will never have any more tokens than it began with, making it Deflationary due to the Buy and Burn Function; Once coins go through the Buy and Burn function, they are permanently removed from supply. The Buy and Burn, a function anyone can initiate, buys PLSX(acting like someone making a purchase in the way it would effect price) and then permanently removing the tokens from supply.