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RRSP/401k vs Crypto? Which is the better long term investment?

Now if you're thinking that there's no way in hell there could possibly be a way for Crypto to make more sense than an RRSP, you may need to watch the below video.

With inflation equalling out to nearly the compounding interest rate, overall purchasing power with the money you get from an RRSP or 401k goes down dramatically over time.

With Crypto, specifically Hex, you can become your own bank, with no middle men, a locked code, and extremely High rewards. New tech is coming to further the potential of Hex, and you wont want to miss it. I will cover Pulsechain, PulseX, Hedron and much more in future videos, but for now please check out the video below. Don't forget to Like, Subscribe and tune in for more in the coming days/ weeks.

Let us know in the comments if you agree with our analysis, or if you have different points of view or even just to say hello.

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